Respiratory detox made simple and effective!

  • Halotherapy

    Another amazing product at Glo Sun Spa is the Halotherapy Salt Booth. Those suffering from seasonal allergies, a cold or asthma finally have sinus relief naturally without the use of medication. In a short 20 minute session the Halo-Salt booth will clear your sinuses and provide upper respiratory detox allowing you to breathe better and sleep better.

  • Feel Healthy

    The way it works is that once inside, we infuse the booth with kinetically activated dry salt. The micro sized salt particles are inhaled while the larger salt particles shower the skin. The benefits continue as salt provides relief for those suffering eczema, psoriasis and acne. Halotherapy provides a safe and natural way to help manage many respiratory conditions and best of all its even safe for children.

  • Spotlight: Halotherapy

    Come in, relax and inhale. Enjoy a healthy immune system.

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