Ultimate Relaxation Wellness Machine!

  • Cocoon Slimpod

    The Cocoon Slimpod is an advanced type of sauna that removes the reason why so many people hate saunas—the oppressive heat. If you’ve tried a sauna in the past, you’ve probably felt stifled by the heat within a few minutes. People love losing weight through sweating, but they hate being uncomfortable.


    That’s where the Cocoon Slimpod comes in. It gives you all the benefits of a sauna without the heat. The device looks similar to a standard tanning bed, although your head rests comfortably on a support that’s outside of the tube. You close the top down over you and the process begins. Your body is heated via infrared light. It’s more comfortable because the air around you isn’t being heated, so you don’t feel that stifling heat like you do in a sauna. The end result is that your metabolic functions are increased, just as they are in the sauna, so you burn fat, eliminate toxins, and improve your circulation.

  • Spotlight: Cocoon Slimpod

    The “Ultimate Relaxation Wellness Machine” offers 8-in-1 wellness technologies.

    The Slimpod puts the Ahhh in Spa!

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