Customer Testimonials

Best Tanning in Houston – by hkalex

I absolutely love Glo!! I absolutely love Tammy (she will most likely be there if you go). The beds are wonderful! I almost fall asleep in them every time. They also have this hydrationstation which is like a mini steam room bed! it works well to get pollutants out of your body and ready for the tanning bed! This is better than any tanning place out there, you get a great tan for a great price! There are no cheapy beds here, some foreign beds are exclusively available at glo!! There are 3 (or maybe 4) level type beds, i definitely suggest level 2/3 beds they work great for everyone! The lotions are somewhat pricey but they work VERY WELL, definitely suggest getting one with a bronzer. I saw results within a week! My mom and brother and myself used to go for about a full year but then stopped once I left college but definitely am going to start up my account again!! GET THE BEST TAN OF YOUR LIFE AT GLO!

Pros: very friendly staff, located in shopping strip, plenty of parking
Cons: none!

Best Spray Tans! – by anna1992

I always get spray tans, and I used to go to Darque tan, but this place is AMAZING! Their spray tanning machine is awesome, you can pick from light, medium and dark spray ons, and best of all YOU dont turn orange! everyone there is soo friendly, even my mom decided to go check this place out and she liked it! I highly reccomend tanning here, if youre deciding between darque tan and glo, Glo is the way to go! :]

Pros: equiptment, staff, spray on tans, location
Cons: none!

Amazing Promotion & Great Service – by akl22

I stopped by with a friend who was getting the spray tan. While I was waiting, I talked to the receptionist and she told me about a great promotion that they were having. If you purchase a lotion, you get a year free of tanning in their level 1 tanning plus a introductory upgrade package. I spent $60 on the lotion, but I considerate that fair since I am getting a year of tanning free.
The beds are amazing and are very clean. I believe that they steam clean all the beds daily which definitely is a deep cleaning. The staff is very sweet and courteous there. I highly recommend going here. I wish that they have more locations because it’s not exactly convenient for me. Darque tan is but I like the beds at Glo better and I believe that their rates are much much better. They don’t try to upsell you as much as Darque Tan does. If I use the level one beds, they don’t make a big deal out of it.

Pros: Great Staff, Super Clean, Great Beds, Great Rates
Cons: Only One Location

Best Tanning Spa Ever! – by tmcgm

Hands down the finest tanning salon ever! Awesome staff with the most amazing equipment I have ever seen! Got a free year of tanning when I bought my lotion and a bunch of free upgrades as well!

Pros: Cleanliness – technology – Staff
Cons: none

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