Burn up to 1400 calories in just 60 relaxing minutes!

  • Infrared Body Wrap

    Our Infrared Body Wrap System uses infrared heat to warm up your body, increasing your metabolism and speeding up your circulation without making the air around you uncomfortably hot. It does this by warming your body from the inside out rather than from the outside in. This is much more efficient, safe, and natural. Our Infrared Body Wrap System heats the skin in a way very similar to sunlight, so your body isn’t being subject to anything you wouldn’t experience by walking outdoors on a bright, sunny day!

  • Amazing Results

    This heat is designed to work on the areas of the body where toxins and fats are stored. As it does so, these fats and toxins are dissolved, allowing the body to remove them through the kidneys or by sweating. When you leave our Infrared Body Wrap treatment, you’ll feel revived, refreshed, and relaxed, plus you’ll look great and have more energy.

  • Spotlight: Infrared Body Wrap System

    Come in to look and feel fabulous! Complete skin and body care!

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