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  • Luxury UV $59/mo

    Use our most luxurious UV equipment unlimited and enjoy 2-3 times the color. Tan lasts twice as long.

  • Sunless $59/mo

    Our award winning spray tans with all the options! Spray as often as you like, although we only recommend once every 4-7 days!

  • Spa Services $59/mo

    Enjoy 8 spa treatments a month! Spa services may include facial rejuvenation, hydration station, weight loss services like infrared body wraps and the Cocoon or Slim Pod and more.

  • Luxury Spa $79/mo

    For $20 more, take advantage of the above three services Unlimited Luxury UV, Sunless Services and Spa Services with 8 spa treatments monthly! 25% discount on all products!

  • Family Plan $99/mo

    For $20 more, enjoy Luxury Spa Plan for up to 3 people! The 8 spa treatments are shared, but additional ones can be purchased at discounted rates. Receive 25% discount on all products!

  • Flex Plan $29/mo

    Pick any two services of your choice each month! Any additional services during the month are discounted 50% off normal rates

  • Basic Plan $19/mo

    Traditional technology. Smaller machines that require more frequent visits.

Includes 2 FREE Spa Services
Award Winning Spray Tans • Luxury Level Tanning
PLUS - FREE Unlimited Basic Level Tanning for 1 Year