Freeze your fat away. No surgery. No downtime.

  • CoolSculpting by Glo

    CoolSculpting is a way of sculpting your body to look amazing. This revolutionary process reduces and eliminates fat by freezing it. The CoolSculpting process makes use of a treatment or series of treatments involving a specialized cooling machine that selectively targets specific areas of your body. The fat cells in this area crystallize from the cold, which kills them. The body can then naturally process these dead cells and eliminate them, leaving you fit, toned, and trim! It sounds like magic, but it’s backed by science. Doctors and researchers have published a wide range of clinical papers backing up this therapy!

    Because everyone is different, you’ll meet with a CoolSculpting expert before you have your session.

  • Debra Messing on CoolSculpting

    “I am absolutely thrilled with my CoolSculpting results. Most people don’t have the time to spend hours or days recovering…[with CoolSculpting], I went right back to work!”

    “The advice I would give about CoolSculpting? Do it!”

  • Spotlight: CoolSculpting

    Your fat cells are frozen, crystallized and now you body begins its natural process of cleansing them out of your system. That simple! No surgery, no downtime, no recovery time.

  • CoolSculpting at Glo Sun Spa

    CoolSculpting treatment just for you. You might only need one session, or it might take a couple. Either way, you’ll see the results you want in very little time.

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