Accelerated Fitness Heat Training

  • FitBurn Hot Yoga

    This amazing new addition to Glo is a full spectrum infrared sauna utilizing a virtual instructor that guides you through your choice of up to 10 different programs that range from 20-25 minutes each. While a typical Yoga class averages one hour, the efficiency gained by following one of pre-programmed lessons cuts your valuable time in more than half!

  • Energized Heat Training

    Benefits include but are not limited to detoxification, weight loss, cardio conditioning, muscle and joint pain relief, stress relief, improved immune system, skin tone and elasticity, cellulite reduction, skin disorders and more!

  • Spotlight: Fitburn Hot Yoga

    FitBurn hot yoga is exclusively at Glo Sun Spa. Hear more of why this boutique fitness helps you look and feel great!

Includes 2 FREE Spa Services
Award Winning Spray Tans • Luxury Level Tanning
PLUS - FREE Unlimited Basic Level Tanning for 1 Year