• Ultra Hydration

    Discover the healthier way to drink water. As simple as that sounds, the “healthy benefits” have been driven up the popularity of Alkaline Water drinking. At Glo Sun Spa, not only do we believe Hydration is a precious key to maintaining beautiful skin, but our bodies from the inside with Glo₂O Alkaline water.

  • Powerful Antioxidant

    Healthy skin needs healthy water. Glo₂O alkaline water provides deep hydration into the body for more hydrating effects. Not only does Glo₂O focus on the health of hydration. Our alkaline water is smooth, great tasting with no additives or anything removed. This water is simply amazing!

  • Exclusively at Glo

    Alkaline ionized water is a powerful antioxidant. Energize, Vitalize, Refresh. Six times more hydrating than regular tap water. Glo₂O is exclusively available at Glo Sun Spa.

    ~ Six times more hydrating
    ~ Enhanced mental clarity
    ~ Increased Energy
    ~ Improved metabolism
    ~ Improves joint mobility
    ~ Powerful antioxidant
    ~ Enhanced immune system
    …and so much more!

Includes 2 FREE Spa Services
Award Winning Spray Tans • Luxury Level Tanning
PLUS - FREE Unlimited Basic Level Tanning for 1 Year